Bitcoin Breaks $12,000 Amid Global Recession Concerns

Bitcoin price broke $12,000 USD for the second time in three days on Wednesday as the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency develops a reputation among investors as a safe-haven currency amid concerns as the global economy heads towards recession. This takes BTC’s week-on-week gains to $2,000 USD. Following on from 2018’s cryptocurrency crash, BTC enjoyed six months of steady increases during the first half of 2019. However, in June the price of BTC nosedived yet again with nearly $4,000 USD being knocked from its value in under a week. After some wild…

‘Coinbase Effect’ Makes Little-Known Cryptocurrency Go Bananas

Coinbase announced the potential addition of several new cryptocurrency assets this week. One of them, Matic Network (MATIC) jumped by over 60% in the 24 hours since the announcement. Little-Known Cryptocurrency Gains Over 60% With $100 Million Volume With a volume of nearly $100 million, the Matic price rose from just over 99 satoshis or […] The post ‘Coinbase Effect’ Makes Little-Known Cryptocurrency Go Bananas appeared first on CCN Markets Source link